→ SlimResult EMS Treatment

→ SlimResult EMS Treatment

Central to our treatment. Electro Muscular Stimulation. Effective and time-saving way of losing weight.


Losing weight with the SlimResult EMS treatment

This is an ideal solution for busy people who have little time to go to the gym and who want to lose weight sustainably. You also have the choice where we will place the emphasis during this treatment. Your possible wishes with regard to figure correction is part of the process. During a 30-minute treatment you activate your muscles just as effectively as you would in 2 hours in the gym. It really works!

The core of the treatment

The SlimResult EMS equipment actively stimulates your muscles and thus burns fat cells. While you undergo this treatment relaxed in our salon, you wear a headset, and you also undergo an education through audio training.

During the treatment you will be guided by a recognized BGN Weight Consultant. The success of the treatment is a result of the total approach of EMS treatment, education, nutritional advice and mental coaching.

  • takes little time and effort.
  • strengthens the skin and locally reduces fat cells
  • strengthens muscles and corrects the figure.
  • stimulates metabolism and weight loss.


Free Trial

You undergo a trial treatment in which EMS is central. During this session you will undergo biomechanical stimuli. Results can often be measured after just one treatment.

Personal intake

Together we go through a questionnaire in order to identify exactly where your wishes lie in the field of figure correction and weight loss.

The treatment

You can choose to go into a trajectory treatment for 4 or 8 weeks, which produces the results you want.

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